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Sangmin Jade Lee


Recent work:


The creation Prologue

Seoul Art Center, IBK Chamber hall, Seoul, Korea
2018. 11. 10

The creation

Seoul international computer music festival, Asia Culture Center, Kwangju, Korea
2017. 10. 23~28

Seoul Art Center, IBK Chamber hall, Seoul, Korea
2017. 08. 24


Seoul Noise

Collective SML | k, Denver, USA
July 14 2017


Liquid Shard, AA School & Poetic Kinetic, collaborative public art project

Pershing Square, L.A, USA
July 28~ Aug 11 2016


Relay, The Dream of Water, Han River Light Festival

Dook-sum Han River Park, Seoul, Korea
Oct 21~25 2015, 19PM~23PM, Opening Show: Oct 21, 20PM


Flora & Fauna, Eco-Art project: National Institute of Ecology & ARKO(Arts council Korea)

ARKO Art Center, Feelux Hall, Seoul, Korea
Apr 27 2015, 15PM~18PM


System of Choices, Matrix: Mathematics_Heart of gold and the abyss

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Center, Korea
Aug 12 2014 - Jan 11 2015


Hidden Space, Dynamic Structure & Fruid

ARKO Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Mar 06 2014 - May 05 2014

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